Thursday, October 07, 2004

Update on Attack of the Noobs

Just an update, Battlefront is out, though no spec mode was put in, so I have no way of filming-yet.

I'm giving the game a chance to patch, so hopefully there will be a difference later on, for now I'm focusing on getting the voices done.

Monday, June 14, 2004


Movie Links and Descriptions

These are links to my completed films, including descriptions. Work in progress films are mentioned here as well.

Star Wars JK2-A Hackers Delight-

The first movie in the series, introduces the Beta Testers Elite and a hacker known as Boinga 1 out to take over the Jedi Outcast servers.

Movie facts- This film came out when Jedi Knight 2 films were rare, thus we had the most actors in this film, including a scene using the Sand Arena level, which was filled with 32 public players dressed in droid and jedi skins. there were no voice actors in the film, everything was explained using text like a silent film.

Star Wars JK2/JA-Mandolorian Masters/Cheaters United-

The second film in the series, introduces a new villan-Darth Konjotto. Konjotto hires some bounty hunter players to kidnap the admin known as Shadowfox, then create chaos for the Beta Testers Elite. The Beta Tester, Lindsey, is sent to stop them. Konjotto later attempts to take over the server control center. Lindsey defeats him in a short battle, but escapes before he can be banned from the game.

Movie facts- By this time, we were working with fewer actors, since many people were wise to the film idea and were attempting to create their own. Many of the scenes were shot on public servers or with only one person.

Star Wars JKA-The Rise of Darth Konjotto-

The Third movie in the series. Konjotto builds a Deathstar like server capable of hacking into secure networks. He uses it to steal Star Wars Episode 3 material from Lucasfilms. George Lucas comes to the Jedi Academy servers to find him. Konjotto manages to kidnap Lucas and takes him to the station. The Beta Testers Elite form a squad of ships to take out the station. Meanwhile, Lindsey and a few Jedi players manage to enter the station and free Lucas. Lindsey and Lucas are then thrown into a lightsaber battle with Konjotto, luckily for the two, Konjotto is knocked off a ledge while fighting in a trench by an X Wing starfighter. The station is destroyed but Konjotto escapes again.

Movie Facts-A special map was created for the Deathstar server scene, it can be found here-
This was the first film in the series to have voices, however, only I was able to provide them at the time.

Star Wars JKA-Server Wars-

The forth movie in the series. Konjotto along with several other admins of privately owned servers band together to fund a server with all the tools to build a massive droid bot army to take over the servers once and for all. Spies from the Beta Testers Elite learn of the plan and alert the testers. A massive attack is launched on a space station lab, and later on the server where the droids are being built. Konjotto's apprentice J.E overhears Konjotto telling Lindsey that he has no plans to give J.E any of the servers promised to him if he helps Konjotto in the take over. J.E then changes sides and fights with Lindsey in a lightsaber match with Konjotto. Konjotto however beats the two and the leaders of Attack of the Clones Total Conversion mod who assisted the beta testers during the attack and attaempts to leave. He is finally stopped by Admin Shadowfox and George Lucas. Konjotto ends up getting kicked over a ledge and eaten by a mutant rancor causing him to be dissconnected from the Jedi Academy servers for good. Lindsey allows J.E. to become a member of the Beta Testers Elite Group at the end of the film.

Movie facts-The longest film so far, running at 35 mins, where previous films ran at about 15 mins. Like the last film, a special map for created for the final battles, found here-

Server Wars-Attack of the Noob-not yet completed

The fifth film in the series. A rich noob buys up almost all of the Jedi Academy servers and converts them to chat rooms where no playing is allowed. The Beta Testers send Lindsey and J.E to try to buy back some of the servers. The noob refuses, and then attacks the Jedi. The Jedi retaliate by launching an air attack on his Star Destroyer, Lindsey is ordered down to the server after it is discovered that the noob is sending down troops for a take over. He latert learns that the noob has lured the testers away from guarding an early build of the new game Star wars Battlefront so he can get at it and upload it to the internet for cheap. More info coming soon.